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Global Worknet Co., Ltd. Is a recruiting expert firm that is authorized by Korea Ministry of Employment and Labor.

We are established in 2010, as a korean leading recruting firm and is specialized in overseas employment and immigration. We have been providing Technical and non-skilled workers like welder, Service Crew and IT Technicians with high quality of consulting to find a job in domestic and overseas. Also have been consulting Korean and Foreign companies to extend its business abroad.

Those who want to be transferred to a country have various obstacles. Working with moving work space from one country to another does not simply mean only one more job experience to be added on the resume. Its entry barrier caused by distinctions among the language, Culture, System, Law in respective country must be resolved in that process. This gap will be found out the solutions from a very practical experienced consultant.

The entry barriers can be resolved themselves or through receiving help of experts in the field of a job placement. We have been constantly concerned about how to provide a practical help to individual since its establishment.

Recruting Korean Korean No#1 recruiting company Global Worknet 

[Table 1] Achievements of employment in Australiaachive1





[Table 2] Achievements of employment in Canadaachive2

[Table 3] Achievements of employment in Hong Kong and Singapore

Our management philosophies are as below,

  • Provides customers with an opportunity to have a wealthy life.
  • Contributes human society creating conditions and environment with high quality employment labor.
  • Offers a value of prosperous life by social security after their retirement and child’s education.

Global Worknet will constantly support the reliable abroad employment of our workers with finding abroad job, and provide job seekers who would like to have an opportunity with better job.

We, Global Worknet always perform our missions.

 Global Worknet Services


Recruiting Korean

We offer job seekers to work in other countries information and give advices to be stable settlement.


Head Hunting Korean

We referral a capable candidate by requesting from Korea Employers and Foreign Employers.



We provide candidates who would like to work in either Korea or other countries as an internship with paid and unpaid internship opportunities.



We provide companies that would like to extend its business in either Korea or other countries with information of Market Research, Establishment, recruitment employees. Or we can work for all of them on behalf of the companies.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Email: Tel: +82 2-2088-3601